Monday, January 14, 2013

"Recovery": 7,000 Apply For 200 Target Jobs In Albuquerque

"Recovery": 7,000 Apply For 200 Target Jobs In Albuquerque
Contradicting the government's (and the MSM's) narrative that the employment situation is improving in this country, Americans continue to apply by the thousands for menial jobs during hiring blitzes at national retail chains and service providers. The latest example of this phenomenon took place this past weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where 7,000 applied for 200 jobs at a Target job fair. From KOAT:
Thousands of people applied for 200 new jobs at Target over the last three days in Northeast Albuquerque.
KOAT Action 7 News went to Target's job fair at the Marriott Uptown every day and continued to find lines snaking around the building.
Candidates only have a one in 35 chance in getting a job, but many have said they're confident they can stand out from the pack...
The list of events similar to this is as long as it is depressing. Here are some highlights:


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