Friday, January 18, 2013

Irony: Worse To Be Unemployed In Blue States

Irony: Worse To Be Unemployed In Blue StatesHere's Bloomberg's breakdown of where it sucks especially badly to be long-term unemployed. Notice the number of blue states?

Irony: Worse To Be Unemployed In Blue States - benefit chart

If you happen to be unemployed in these states and you have the means, move. Red states typically have better employment opportunities. And weather.


  1. Uhm... Virginia is a Red State. Just look at our gerrymandering, and you'll see.

    Republican State legislature, Republican Governor, Republican State Attourney General...

    Yeah. Alaska too? The place that brought us Sarah Palin?! Florida - home of Jeb Bush... Arizona?

    I have to ask - are you on drugs?

    1. 1) Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the word MOST. 2) Virginia has become a blue state. 3) Leave it to a liberal to go ad hominem in the absence of intelligent discourse.


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