Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big Government Decimating Middle Class

Big Government Decimating Middle Class
Big Government, in partnership with Big Central Banking, is decimating the middle class for the benefit off the poor and the rich. Indeed, Reuters has published a must-read series on the matter from which this chart was taken:

Big Government Decimating Middle Class - income chart

As is reflected in the chart, the majority of jobs created in this depression have been part-time low-wage positions, and Benanke's Fed, which even China has labeled a "murderer of the middle class".

 ZeroHedge said it best:
This is nothing but the inevitable outcome of a co-opted, conflicted and controlled marionette government, which does the bidding of the wealthiest lobby powers (read corporate shareholders and Wall Street), partitioning the bulk of the wealth to the richest, while sending the scraps to the poorest in order to keep itself in power due to the power of the ever poorer, democratic majority.


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