Monday, November 26, 2012

TRUE Fiscal Conservatism: Rally Call Of A New GOP?

TRUE Fiscal Conservatism: Rally Call Of A New GOP?
The GOP suffered an embarrassing campaign 2012 and desperately needs to rebrand. The Libertarian Party failed this election season--as it has always failed--to position itself as a viable alternative to the Republican-Democrat paradigm. Younger people are more fiscally-conservative and socially-liberal than older people, and traditional conservatives are aging. Additionally, Hispanics, the fastest growing ethnic demographic, are becoming more secular, and are generally young. What does all of this mean? Hopefully, the advent of a truly fiscally-conservative GOP.

True fiscal conservatism--the rejection of Big Government spending in all of its forms: entitlements and earmarks, but also profligate military spending and expensive "wars" on freedom of the individual and states' rights--could be the rally call that unites a new, stronger Republican Party. If the GOP positioned itself as the party of true fiscal conservatism, it would keep the traditional Republican vote and gain the burgeoning libertarian and all-important Hispanic vote. Taking "non-traditional" fiscally-conservative positions such as ending the War on Drugs and ending military adventurism would attract libertarians by default, but would also attract Hispanics, who are disproportionately negatively-impacted by the War on Drugs and who constitute a large and growing segment of active-duty military personnel. (Active-duty military personnel, who have an aversion to military quagmires, were strong Ron Paul supporters.)

Adopting a position of true fiscal conservatism would be a stretch for the GOP, which became a party of big spending in the Rovian era. And, of course, the Republican establishment would fight tooth-and-nail any shift toward libertarianism. But I believe that true fiscal conservatism could be the rally call that unites a new, stronger party that could win national elections.


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