Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ron Paul Embarking Upon 2013 College Tour

Ron Paul Embarking Upon 2013 College Tour
While the Republican establishment is busy eschewing calls for the party to jettison social conservatism and adopt ideas that would prevent future electoral embarrassment and the Libertarian party is wondering why its failed 40-year-old strategy of running for high political office didn't work again this time, recently-retired Ron Paul is busy growing the movement he started. Dr. Paul, even more influential in American politics in retirement than Mitt Romney or Gary Johnson as future office-seekers, will embark upon a nationwide tour of college campuses next year, creating excitement and recruiting the next generation of libertarian activists. Establishment Republicans and Libertarian partisans will scoff at the elder Paul's efforts, but those who don't have an axe to grind with the good doctor will marvel in the size and energy of the crowds he'll attract. Says Paul of past events on college campuses:
The same week I went to Texas A&M, which is conservative, I got like 4000 [students]. They thought that was good, but we went out to Berkeley and they said that [crowd] wouldn't have happened in the 60's.
An estimated 8,500 attended Paul's presidential primary rally at U.C. Berkeley earlier this year. The Paul campaign visited 36 college campuses this primary season.


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