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Neal Boortz: Social Conservatism Cost GOP Election

Neal Boortz: Social Conservatism Cost GOP Election
Even though he's not ideologically pure, Neal Boortz, a self-described "libertarian", turned me on to libertarianism a decade ago. While I don't agree with Boortz's views on foreign policy (he's a warhawk), the Talkmaster and I are absolutely on the same page when it comes to domestic issues. Unlike most talk radio hosts, Boortz believes that it isn't the government's place to legislate morality. He loathes social conservatism (abortion politics in particular), and he recently wrote a brilliant piece about why the GOP got blown away on Tuesday:
For any freedom-loving conservative who wants to see a viable Republican Party thrive on the national stage once again, my rant from yesterday must be required listening.  Go ahead.  Click it.  Take a listen.  For you Republicans, it will make you mad.  You need to be mad.  You screwed up.  You screwed up just as I said – have been saying for years --  you would screw up.  You need to listen.  Click on the link.  When you listen you will know that I’m right.

It boils down to this …

The Republican Party needs an exorcism.  It needs to rid itself of these abortocentrist nutcases who are chasing away voters, particularly women.  This is about as clearly as I can say it: Abortion is NEVER going to be illegal.  Get over it!  The sooner you come to terms with this, the sooner you will be able to regain credibility with the voters.  Your boys Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock and John Koster chased away millions of female voters with their idiotic remarks about abortion … and they cost us two seats in the Senate.  How bad was it?  Romney carried Mourdock’s home county in Indiana!  His opponent, Joe Donnelly, was the first Democrat to win a statewide race in Indiana in more than a decade!  Are you listening, Republicans?  Mourdock was a shoo-in!  Then he opened his yap about abortion, and women went screaming for the exits.  What did he say?  Well – simply put – the message to women was that if you’ve been raped, don’t worry your pretty little selves over whether or not you might be pregnant, because if you are it is, after all, a gift from God!
Now here’s the problem, dear GOP leaders.  Read this quote from Wayne Parke.  He’s the Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Republican Party.  That’s Murdock’s home country --- the one he lost:
"I was quite surprised and disappointed that Mourdock didn't carry his own county. But it's an indication that everything you say is so important and that debate comment he made just turned out to be disastrous."
Duhhhhhhh!  Really?  You’ve learned that lesson now, have you, Mr. Parke?  Could you please send some memos to the Republican National Headquarters?  Who knows --- if you and the GOP leaders had figured this out months ago, and if the word had gone out that GOP candidates needed to shut the hell up about abortion --- maybe things would look quite a bit different today.

The same goes for gay marriage.  If you can make the case that a married gay couple living down the street from you, or across town for that matter, is going to have any negative impact on your own life, then I would say that we need to have a debate on the subject.  Nobody has shown me that yet, so how about getting your GOP noses out of other people’s bedrooms?    I’ve been on the air for years and never in my 42 years of talk radio has anyone been able to tell me how Joe and Steve living down the block in wedded bliss will have any impact on their life.  Come into the 21st century with me on this one and just leave the issue the hell alone.  If you’re so determined to defend the institution of marriage – the concept of committed couples living together in a dedicated relationship – then why don’t you turn your attention to Hollywood.  Forget about demonizing a gay couple that is every bit as much in love and committed as you are to your spouse.  Aim your derision on the Hollywood crowd that looks at marriage as not much more than a new car – something to be traded in on a new model in two years.

And when it comes to immigration, rounding up all the Mexicans in this country and sending them back to Mexico is never, ever going to happen.  Do you hear that?  It ISN’T going to happen!  Does it occur to you that these people come here because they WANT to work?  Do you really have such a huge problem with aspirational people?  So come up with a reasonable policy on immigration reform, and lock down the borders.  No problem with that.  But give up this asinine idea that those already here – those who have been here for years – are going to be loaded into railroad cars and sent back to Mexico.  Do you really want that?  Do you really want to depend on those Americans who would rather spend their days hanging around convenience store scratching goo off lottery tickets instead of putting in an honest days work?  Do you really want to pay $16 for a BLT?  Yeah .. that’s right.  Scare the folks with the actual work ethic away while pampering the moochers and leaches.  Yeah .. that works.  What do you think a Hispanic American citizen thinks when he sees a political party dedicate itself to the cause of taking a young female college student – a young lady who has lived here since her parents brought her here illegally when she was three – and deporting her to a country she has never known?  Do you think it’s likely that Hispanic citizen is going to vote for your candidate?  Tell me how that works.

Stop crying in your beer and listen up.  America is going to suffer another four years under Obama because of YOU.  The Republican party blew this one --- big time.  Abortion – gay marriage – immigration reform.  The perfect electoral storm, and you couldn’t have played it any worse.  Leave these issues alone!  Drop them!  If the GOP cannot turn loose of this mindless social conservatism, then you will be relegated to second class status (politically speaking) for the remaining days of this Republic, which may not be all that many.  The Republican Party as it currently stands needs to die.  Like a phoenix, it needs to burst into flames and from its ashes rebuild into a party focused on …
  • Limited government
  • Tax reform
  • A strong military
  • The rule of law
  • Reducing regulations
  • Promoting capitalism – especially small businesses
  • Restoring self-reliance
  • Honoring the Constitution
Did you see abortion or gay marriage on that list?  Didn’t think so.  The Republicans need to become more Libertarian and less religiously authoritarian or the Party is dead.  It’s amazing that these social conservatives have managed to screw this country they claim to love so much by handing Democrats victories this week thanks to these social issues.


  1. So you do not believe that the baby in the womb is a human being. I speculate that years ago you were a baby in your mother's womb. Of course, your life would not be endangered by abortion now, since your mother had already chosen to give birth. My brother and his wife have been blessed with six daughters and five sons. Yes, eleven children. Is that too many? Then tell me which of those children do not deserve to exist as much as you and me? If libertarians cannot defend the freedom of every person from aggression, especially the defenseless babies in the womb, then libertarianism is not fit for a moral person. I supported Ron Paul who is prolife, a true defender of freedom even for the unborn child. I voted for Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party, since he was on the ballot. My conscience is clear; sorry about yours.

  2. It's only too many if we as tax payers are subsidizing your brother's children lol. For most of us not blinded by worry about with who and what our neighbor is sleeping and worry about our countries incoming insolvency. We blame the luby's and matlock crowd of the GOP with handing our country back to Obama. When you support candidates who make asinine comments about how a body can prevent pregnancy in cases of rape or incest you can draw a conclusion that the neolithic elements of the GOP need to either be removed or the GOP needs to step aside for another party that is actually worried about turning the country around not if two guys engage in marriage.


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